New Carbonfree Partner EarthHero Explains Why Carbon Offsets Matter

September 27, 2017

New Carbonfree® Business Partner EarthHero is on a quest to help make sustainable, earth-friendly commerce the “new normal,” by inspiring conscious commerce and offering trusted, high quality goods that create authentic positive impact. Together, the folks at EarthHero aim to learn, share, and celebrate a healthier planet.

EarthHero’s goal is to make it simple for customers to buy high quality, reliable products that are produced using sustainable methods and materials. Their online purchase platforms gives easy access to suppliers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating the products that respect the Earth. The products found on EarthHero are both environmentally sustainable and high quality.

Although EarthHero works hard to give customers access to sustainably-made products, the company also recognizes that transporting those products to customers comes with its own set of concerns. That’s why it’s important to EarthHero to offset all of its operational emissions, from the electricity used to make coffee in their office, to those emissions that come from shipping a product across the US.

Through’s Pooled US Forestry Projects, EarthHero has neutralized 36 metric tonnes of carbon emissions this year alone. That’s offsetting the same amount of carbon as 34 acres of US forests! And these offsets make EarthHero a carbon-neutral company, based on estimated annual operating emissions.

The Pooled US Forestry Projects involves reforestation projects across the US, specifically in Texas and Arkansas. Since its beginning, this program has helped to sequester over 500,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions (or, in human terms, this offsets over 80,000 cars’ emissions for a whole year!) These reforestation projects don’t only offset carbon. They help local ecosystems, too, by preserving wildlife habitats, improving soil quality, and adding water storage capabilities to lands across the US. welcomes EarthHero to the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program and applauds their efforts to offer sustainable products to their customers while operating in a carbon neutral environment.