New Carbonfree® Business Partner Idyll Sources Pure Foods Direct from Greece

July 05, 2016

If you’ve traveled to Greece, or enjoyed a good Greek meal, you know that the local foods are remarkably fresh and flavorful.  Since most of us can’t get to Greece often or easily, now there is Idyll Foods, which sources pure foods direct from Greece – organic extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, honey and salt.

Idyll’s mission is to support small-scale organic producers by sharing their unique yet elemental foods with the American market, taking care to keep operations as pure and healthy as the Greek products they import.

To help neutralize their operational and product shipping emissions, Idyll joined the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program, thus mitigating the impact of almost 80,000 pounds of annual carbon emissions by supporting’s reforestation and forest preservation projects.

“We try to operate in line with our ethics of sustainability – environmental, social, and economic – in every aspect of our business,” explains Tess O’Connor, Vice President at Idyll.  “We source our foods from producers who practice environmentally responsible agriculture, and we try to make low-impact choices when it comes to packaging and operations. However, shipping is an unavoidable part of international trade, and we wanted to mitigate the emissions associated with that aspect of our business. After careful research, we chose because of its strong certifications and because we could choose to put our contribution towards a specific cause that we believe in – reforestation and avoided deforestation.”

The foundation of Idyll’s business is the partnerships with Greek producers that the company maintains, sourcing directly to ensure that they practice organic agriculture that works with the environment. Idyll strives to package goods in containers that are reusable or recyclable, and the company makes its environmental commitments clear to customers and encourages them to reflect on the origins of their foods and take actions like replacing dairy-based butter with olive oil in their diet, to both improve their health and reduce their environmental footprint.