Need Vacation Ideas? Tripbase Helps You Plan a Nature Trip or Getaway Easily

July 12, 2010
sampling of travel planning options at Tripbase

Called the “ of travel planning” by the LA Times, Tripbase is a unique travel site that lets you select or input what interests you in taking a trip, and the site will generate suggested destinations and itineraries. Tripbase can base its recommendations from a pool of over 22 million traveler reviews, including nature trips such as national parks in the US or abroad. A partner, Tripbase has also taken initiative to reduce its business climate impact by using more energy-efficient office equipment and environmentally-friendly purchasing, as well as other practical solutions such as keeping windows shutters closed when possible to keep energy use for cooling low. Tripbase also offsets its business carbon footprint in support of’s innovative carbon reduction projects. Tripbase recently launched free downloads of its Travel Secrets eBooks, featuring many popular travel bloggers including Peter Greenberg, who has appeared on CBS, in Forbes and blogs regularly. For each ebook downloaded, Tripbase is making donations to help supply clean water in developing countries. You can download your free ebook here or by checking out