Natural Haircare Products Bring out the Moxie

January 11, 2011

Original Moxie creates hair care products “for the rest of us” – real people, not models or glossy fashion magazines. Moxie creator Rachel Blistein is “one of us” – just a regular person with ‘challenging’ hair and a knack for creating truly awesome hair products. Rachel personally crafts each product, from customizing herbal infusions to sourcing pure, natural ingredients and fine-tuning Moxie’s iconic essential oil fragrances. She’s also a life-long nature lover, so the Moxie products are made from organic, unrefined ingredients that are as chemical-free and environmentally friendly as possible. Original Moxie is committed to using natural ingredients not just because they work, but because they create less of an environmental impact than their chemical counterparts. Natural ingredients also tend to be fully biodegradable and easily composted. “The dried herbs that go into the Original Moxie herbal infusions are lovingly collected and turned into our compost heap, which will, in turn, yield rich, black soil for our gardens,” Blistein said. “Moxie” means bucking convention and doing things your own way — with spunk, spirit and style — and that’s exactly what the folks at Original Moxie have done. Original Moxie helps customers diagnose their hair care needs based on a combination of three characteristics: Density, Dryness, & Degree of Curl. Original Moxie’s exclusive 3-D Diagnostic System™ eliminates the guesswork by helping identify the products that fit the “real you.” As part of its commitment to environmentally safe hair care products and environmentally sound business practices, Original Moxie “reduces, reuses, and recycles.” They minimize the use of disposable products and tools, reuse shipping boxes when possible, exclusively package hair products in recyclable bottles, and have partnered with to offset emissions from other business operations that can’t be eliminated. Get your Moxie going and visit to learn more.