MWW Group Saves Atmosphere 4 Years Worth of Emissions

March 28, 2011

Over the past four years, CarbonFree® Partner MWW Group has offset the carbon impact of their business emissions and reduced over 6,400 metric tons of CO2. That’s like negating the electricity use of 777 homes for one year or the emissions from over 14,884 barrels of oil, or even taking 1,255 cars off the road for an entire year. As one of the top five largest public relations agencies in the nation, MWW Group is setting the green example for a huge audience. Launched in 2007, the “MWW Group Green” initiative aims at incorporating environmental responsibility into every aspect of their business, promoting a culture in which all employees are actively engaged in these environmental initiatives and share responsibility for achieving their environmental goals. This year, MMW Group is supporting the New York State Landfill Methane Project, which destroys the methane emitted by a landfill. The destruction of methane from such projects is important in the fight against global climate change because methane is approximately 23 times more efficient as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Additional plans for the Project include capturing the waste heat and using it to warm a local greenhouse along with providing alternative energy. In keeping with our “Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can’t”™ mantra, MWW Group continues to attack their corporate carbon footprint head-on.  Beyond extending their relationship with, reaffirming a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality, MWW Group has expanded their use of Web-based video conferencing and instituted a new travel policy to limit the environmental impact of non-critical air travel.  In addition, MWW Group launched a “No Drive Workdays” program to help minimize greenhouse gasses by reducing employee travel by two workdays per month. MWW Group’s ongoing partnership with will continue to support innovative, verified projects globally in renewable energy and reforestation that reduce carbon emissions and hasten market transformation towards a clean energy economy. Be sure to check out MWW Group Green’s tips for becoming a greener company and successful green marketing strategies.