Murphy’s Naturals Renews Commitment to Carbonfree® Operations

August 18, 2016

Murphy’s Naturals is a company that believes in the importance of all-natural products and the benefits they provide, and that health and wellness come from the environment. Murphy’s Naturals creates products which are made from responsibly sourced plant based ingredients, leaving out all of the chemicals and toxins and instead focusing on providing earth-friendly products that will help others through its purchases.

In June 2016, Murphy’s Naturals became a certified B Corporation, signifying a commitment to using the business as a force to drive positive change in the world.  One of the changes that the team at Murphy’s Naturals would like to see is a global movement by all to reduce their environmental footprint.

“The Carbonfree® Small Business Program has made it too easy,” confesses Steve Gilbert, Director of Operations and Social Mission.  “Easy is good. We love easy. Our world needs more easy, and less too hard.”

Murphy’s Naturals embraces the philosophy that companies have the power and obligation to help solve the social and environmental problems we face as a global community.  By joining the Carbonfree® Small Business Program, Murphy’s Naturals is able to take another step towards sustainable operations, neutralizing almost 160,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year by supporting’s energy efficiency, renewable energy and forest preservation projects.