Moving Beyond the Paperless Office

August 30, 2010

Any guesses on when business experts first predicted the paperless office?  The 1990s?  The 1980s?  Nope… 1975!  Now in 2010, raise your hand if you work in a paperless office.  They’re almost impossible to find and sometimes it seems like we’re using more paper than ever.  In fact, many government agencies require reporting in paper—electronic filing isn’t an option in some instances.  It seems like paper is here to stay—but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your office a more environmentally friendly, sustainable, cost-conscious place to work. Dolphin Blue, a leading green office supplier, offers a one-stop shop to purchase all of your green office supplies.  If you can’t ever seem to give your printer a rest—consider replacing your ink cartridges with soy-based ink.  This is an easy way to reduce your demand for harmful chemicals and cut your carbon footprint. They also offer FSC-certified processed chlorine-free paper to keep your reports and marketing materials from contributing to deforestation.  Also, they’ve made a commitment that all products that they sell contain at least 20% post-consumer recycled material, with many containing 100%.