Motorola Mobility- For Planet and People CarbonFree Products Category Award

April 26, 2012

Today’s blog highlights our CarbonFree Products winner, Motorola Mobility. congratulates and thanks them for their commitment to sustainable practices and to the support of important external carbon reductions.  In 2009 Motorola was the first company in the world to introduce a CarbonFree mobile phone.  In 2010 Motorola continued to innovate by introducing the worlds first carbonFree smartphone and mobile device accessories.

With certified CarbonFree® mobile device accessories, Motorola is a supporter in offering consumers an option that delivers the quality you expect from Motorola products while empowering you to reduce your carbon footprint. Motorola offsets the carbon dioxide required to manufacture, distribute and operate a variety of products through investments in third-party validated renewable energy and reforestation projects. Since 2009, Motorola has offered eco-conscious consumers carbon neutral product options. The success of Motorola’s CarbonFree® products program is due to the hard work of the Office of Sustainability and Stewardship, and in particular, Bill Olson and Emily Barton.

“Motorola Mobility is pleased to have partnered with to bring CarbonFree mobile phone and accessory products to market and provide people with great products built with the planet in mind.”  Bill Olson, Director of the Office Sustainability and Stewardship, Motorola Mobility.