Monarch Beverages Celebrates a CarbonFree® Certified Year

June 17, 2009

Monarch Beverages recently celebrated their year anniversary of the CarbonFree® Certification of their energy drinks.The Monarch Acute Fruit™, CoMotion™, NTrinsic™ and NTrinsic™ Sugar-free drinks received the certification in spring of 2008. certified the four energy drinks CarbonFree after a rigorous life cycle assessment (LCA). Carbon emissions associated with the energy drinks were calculated at each step based on the ingredients used in manufacturing, the ink and materials used for packaging, and the fossil fuel burned during shipping.

The carbon footprint was reduced where possible and the remaining emissions were offset through investments in carbon offset projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation.

In the past year Monarch Beverages has also added three more beverages to the CarbonFree lineup,Acute Fruit strawberry, tangerine and kiwi.Carbonfund.orglooks forward to many more fruitful years of partnership with Monarch Beverages.To learn more about Monarch please visit