Molecule Eats Carbon Dioxide

July 17, 2009

A new and interesting development in the field of potential climate change solutions has arisen: a molecule that eats carbon dioxide has been found. A University of Maryland scientist doing research unrelated to climate change made the discovery as he noted that a newly created bowl-shaped molecule was collecting carbon dioxide that was present in the room. The implications of this discovery are potentially huge. This carbon ‘scrubbing’ molecule may be used in industrial processes to remove CO2 from smoke stacks, or it could potentially be used to simply remove CO2 from the atmosphere. One interesting implication of this discovery is that it demonstrates the power of science and innovation. A big reason that is a big supporter of climate change solutions is because that encourages innovation. Global warming is potentially the greatest crisis that has ever faced mankind, but with great crisis comes great opportunity. Who knows what will happen when we raise fuel standards — maybe we will accidentally discover a way to make cars go significantly farther on a gallon of gas or discover an algae based biofuel that is cheap and clean. Or maybe there will be a break through in solar technology that enables us to turn every roof into a power generating machine. In short, who knows? If a scientist in Maryland can accidentally discover a molecule that eats CO2, anything can happen. Although it’s too early to determine the future outcomes of this. Let’s continue to provide the motivation and impetus to act and innovate.