A Message from En3 Sustainability Solutions

April 06, 2012

We began our journey to mitigate the impact of climate change in 2003. We had an internal goal to become carbon neutral by 2012 and for the last several years worked towards this goal by improving energy efficiency and increasing use of low-carbon resources.

Why we wanted to be carbon neutral?

  • To help focus the attention of our customers, associates, teammembers and shareholders on energy efficiency
  • To set up a process of continual improvement in our carbon management
  • To introduce a financial incentive for reducing our carbon footprin tand resource use
  • To catalyze the adoption of resource efficiency and drive energy use reductions in our communities
  • To prepare in the long-term for regulations and fiscal measure thatare likely to be introduced

Some critics also say that companies that offset would be better to spend this money onreducing emissions within their businesses. We have invested in offsetting projects that achieve social benefits as well as carbon reductions at the same time.

We have also been concerned about criticism of the accreditation of theoffsetting schemes. We did a lot of work to make sure that we were following a properly accredited scheme. We purchase credits under theVoluntary Carbon Standard, a recognizable and reliable independent standard for Verified Emissions Reductions. This means that the project that we have supported comply with the additionality criteria of the Clean Development Mechanism, and so would not have occurred without the revenue created through selling emission reduction credits.

These are some of the reasons we chose to work with and we are happy to contribute towards climate change projects through

-The En3 Sustainability Solutions Team

About En3 Sustainability Solutions

En3 is an international expert in sustainability. Since 2003, En3 has been steadily guiding several corporations, governments and institutions in effectively and efficiently pursuing the path of sustainable development.

En3 provides a range of consultancy services, pragmatic solutions, software products and education programs in the field of sustainability. Our services include green building consultancy, building simulations, energy analysis and improvement, green retrofits for existing buildings, carbon footprint calculations, sustainability reporting, life cycle assessments (LCA) and environmental product declarations (EPD).

En3 offers software solutions for GHG management (ECARB&EPERT) and corporate sustainability reporting (ESTAR). Based on the newly launched Product Lifecycle Accounting Standard, En3 has launched EPACE software for product sustainability.

En3 Academy focuses on imparting high-quality green education and its specially designed green curriculum will help educate architects, engineers, designers and sustainability professionals on practical aspects of applied sustainability.

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