Merriman – Invest Wisely, Live Fully…and Sustainably

November 22, 2011

Whatever your financial goals, no matter how big your dreams, you deserve an investment strategy that gives you the greatest reward with the least risk, lowest cost and greatest peace of mind. And the folks at Merriman consider it their job to help you find that strategy.  Today, Merriman manages approximately $1.5 billion in investments, giving ongoing financial and retirement planning guidance to thousands of families across the country. Merriman advisors take the time to understand your financial goals and your emotions around money, helping you stay on track by finding and implementing an investment solution tailored specifically to fit you and your risk tolerance. Merriman’s fiduciary responsibilities include putting their clients’ needs first. As a fee-only advisory firm, they are paid only by their clients – their investors – and this enables Merriman to provide the most objective guidance possible. And the firm’s commitment extends to environmental responsibility and sustainable operations. In 2007, Merriman decided to look at sustainability and become a green organization. At first, the goal seemed vast. But the City of Seattle’s Climate Protection Initiative pledged that Seattle would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 7 percent below its 1990 emission levels by 2012, and created the Seattle Climate Partnership to help achieve these goals. Merriman volunteered to be part of this program and committed to become a green organization. Once Merriman mastered the basics of reducing, reusing and recycling, they moved on to bigger and broader ways to achieve sustainability within their work space. They were inspired to implement green concepts into the design and architecture of their office space, from DIRTT walls to recycled ceiling tiles and motion-sensor lights. The firm’s commitment is proudly proclaimed in each employee’s email signature, a regular reminder of their leadership in this initiative. And their employee recognition program, “Caught You Green Handed,” encourages employees to think and act green. The prize they receive is a green product they can take home, enabling them to continue their green behaviors outside of the office. Merriman posts weekly green tips on the company intranet to keep the concepts fresh and in the forefront. Even with all the positive efforts, Merriman recognizes that the firm still leaves a carbon footprint, so they partner with to offset their remaining annual business emissions footprint, and to support the mission and projects of  Merriman’s sustainability and environmental conservation programs were initiated by their CEO, and this passion for sustainability and inspiring positive change helps Merriman employees make the world a better place for all its inhabitants.