Merging Technology with Design to Easily Engage Everyone

May 25, 2011

Need some help figuring out the maze of business applications and tech tools now available to help you reach your clients and customers through the methods that they prefer and use the most often? Talk to New Millennium Designs about the best way to integrate technology solutions that suit your business and attract your customers with consistent and impactful messaging. Established in 1997, NMD, Inc. was founded on the premise of providing quality programming and design punctuated by outstanding personalized service for all clients. NMD, Inc. services an international client base within both the private and public business sector and holds a well-respected place in the technology community due to innovative marketing, creative design and development skills, and service-oriented dedication to clients. NMD offers custom turn-key solutions including sales and marketing consulting, and a wide range of development and design services through its full service in-house creative and development team including: – Database design and integration – Software and programming solutions – Hand-held application development – Website design – State-of-the-art hosting solutions for NMD-designed applications – Email marketing campaigns and data analysis – Online marketing campaigns And now NMD pulls it all together with the launch of eMerge™ , NMD’s new interactive marketing suite, a new solution for clients seeking a comprehensive email, social media, mobile and web platform. eMerge white-label solutions enable small franchises to global organizations the ability to engage via email, social, text and web both internally and externally. eMerge™ offers a variety of options including a do-it-yourself subscription program, professional campaign services and partner opportunities including reseller programs and enterprise / white label solutions. Deliver a consistent message through all major online marketing channels – email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and landing page marketing – and understand what’s happening with real-time results. NMD also approaches business with a commitment to sustainable practices, including a business emissions offsetting program with   “NMD is supportive of green initiatives,” states NMD President, Bondilyn Jolly, “From our green architectural design, recycling practices, carbon emission offsets and paperless products such as, we feel it’s important to not only reduce our corporate impact on the environment, but to also serve as a model to other businesses of effective and cost-efficient green practices.” NMD has eMerge™ sales offices in both New Orleans, LA and Tampa, FL and are currently expanding across the United States. Find out how NMD can assist your business by calling 985-781-4471, toll-free at 1-888-639-9323 or visiting or