Mellerware Neutralizes Annual Emissions with Carbonfund

April 12, 2021

Mellerware is a Barcelona-based company whose target is to bring good quality appliances directly to customers’ homes, at a really good price. 

The staff at Mellerware is aware that the company’s activities create an unavoidable negative environmental impact; therefore, the staff has worked since the company’s beginning to reduce that impact as much as possible or compensate for it in the best possible way.

To do this, the Mellerware team is working on 3 top lines: 

  1. Offsetting the C02 emissions with Carbonfund that the company generates each year;
  2. Eliminating the single-use plastic that wraps and protects its products; and
  3. Offsetting the plastic that some products carry and that they are not able to eliminate.

“As we have commented before, offsetting the carbon impact is one of the fundamental pillars of our strategy and Carbonfund is the most transparent and reliable partnership we have found,” confirms Gonzalo Pérez García-Burgos, Operations Manager.