In the Market for a New Energy Drink?

September 09, 2011

If you’re bored with the same old energy drink options and worried about how your choice affects both your health and the environment – search no more!   Monarch Beverages sells a couple of delicious and innovative energy drink brands in the U.S. – ACUTEfruit and  CoMotion, among others .   And now, you can try samples of these products for only the cost of shipping! ACUTEfruit™ :  Provides a sustained boost of physical performance and mental focus, without jitters ! 100% fruit juice, non-carbonated, with no added sugar. No preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or HFCS.  An alternative to juice and a perfect new kind of morning beverage if you are looking for a healthy substitute to coffee and traditional energy drinks .   Order your samples now – for only the cost of shipping. CoMotion™ : Double concentration energy drink with as much caffeine as a 16oz can for a fast-acting, stronger boost .  Contains extra vitamin B12 and Palatinose for even more extended energy effect and  helps enhance well being and relieve stress thanks to antioxidants and adaptogens. Order your samples now – for only the cost of shipping. Best of all, both of these products are certified CarbonFree® by  –the  carbon footprint associated with production and distribution of these drinks are mitigated through supporting’s portfolio of certified carbon reduction projects. Drink up!