Malk Sustainability Partners are Carbon Neutral for Second Year

April 12, 2012

(reprinted from Malk Sustainability Partners blog site

At Malk Sustainability Partners, we advise companies on how they can reduce their environmental footprints and profit from doing so.  As advisors on sustainability, we are passionate about ‘walking the talk’ with regard to managing our corporate environmental footprint.  Toward this end, we are proud of a few initiatives we have underway, from electronic filing of documents to our team’s consistent leveraging of web conferencing and public transit. Additionally, we renewed our partnership with to offset our small carbon footprint (you can view this year’s Carbon Offset Certificate). Given MSP’s focus on sustainability, we believe in carbon neutrality for our own operations and our partnership with has made this goal achievable, easy, and inspiring. is a leading exchange dedicated to carbon offset trading.  While it is trusted by large companies such as Dell, Jet Blue, Staples, and Motorola, Carbonfund also makes offset purchasing understandable and easy for small businesses and individuals.  The website provides a suite of tools, including a user friendly carbon calculator, to compute your business’s impact; it then offers an array of opportunities to mitigate that impact through contributions to projects which produce carbon credits. These projects, which are to some degree environmental good deeds, span the gamut from landfill gas capture (methane, which seeps out of landfills and is a potent greenhouse gas), clean technology financing, or afforestation (planting trees which create a ‘carbon sink’ as the trees grow and absorb CO2).  By buying the credits you are essentially buying a share of the positive environmental impact of these projects to account for your own footprint. MSP purchased 30 metric tons of CO2 credits this year; offsetting our carbon impact while supporting afforestation and reforestation projects.

If you are curious to know more about your company’s carbon footprint, or actions you can take to reduce or offset it, please contact us any time at