MADEGREY Joins Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program

December 08, 2020

MADEGREY, creator of minimal, simple, yet unique jewelry and watches at fair prices and high quality, has joined the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program as part of its overall environmental sustainability commitment.

Environmental sustainability is a big concern to MADEGREY because, like all consumer businesses, the company contributes to waste and carbon emissions through its operations. To combat this growing problem, MADEGREY is taking the following steps:

  • Partnering with to offset carbon emissions generated by all business activities.
  • Shipping the majority of products in 100% biodegradable mailers.
  • Using recyclable jewelry and watch paper boxes without protective plastic lamination or other materials that cannot be detached.
  • Creating quality products with long life span but that are recyclable if necessary.
  • Looking at other ways to further reduce waste and improve sustainability.

“We partnered with to make a difference and to inspire our customers and other businesses to do the same,” says Michael Bergmark, Founder of MADEGREY.  “We want to help raise awareness of how everyone can do something to fight climate change. Together we can hopefully make the future carbon neutral, and through it has become easier to do so!”

With Swedish roots, MADEGREY is inspired by Scandinavian design and its simplicity.  This means an aesthetic perspective of simple, functional and environmentally friendly design, rather than geography and nationality.  All MADEGREY products are made of quality materials and craftsmanship so they can be enjoyed well into the future, and consequently MADEGREY is taking steps to reduce the negative impact on the environment and climate that fast fashion causes.