Mac-Gray Campus Solutions – For Planet and People Education Category Award

March 01, 2012

Today’s blog highlights our Education Category winner, Mac-Gray Campus Solutions. congratulates and thanks them for their commitment to sustainable practices and to the support of important external carbon reductions.

Celebrating 60 years in service, Mac-Gray Campus Solutions is the premier laundry service provider to over 600 college and university campuses. Since Mac-Gray launched its Lighten the Load™ initiative in 2008 with, they have partnered with 29 academic institutions to offset more than 40 million pounds of carbon. Through their Lighten the Load™ initiative they reduce their carbon footprint one school at a time while educating students on the benefits of being sustainable in the laundry room. Managing their impact on the environment is a corporate priority for Mac-Gray, achieved through a various guidelines beyond the carbon offset program. They encourage customers to reduce the environmental impact of their properties and facilities, offering them environmentally responsible solutions to accomplish this objective. They communicate with employees, customers, and suppliers about environmental issues and activities to encourage responsible behavior. They invest in the development of technology that will help reduce the impact our business activities on the environment. They conserve natural resources through the reuse and recycling of materials and by purchasing recycled materials whenever possible. And they encourage suppliers to provide products that are environmentally responsible, including the purchase of recycled materials.

“We are honored to receive the For People and Planet award from our partner,,” said Stewart G. MacDonald, Mac-Gray’s chief executive officer. “This award highlights Mac-Gray’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Our Lighten the Load™ initiative is helping to reduce the carbon footprints of college and university laundry programs, while educating students on the benefits of being ‘green’ in the laundry room. As the nation’s leading provider of laundry facilities management for the college market, we look forward to partnering with more academic institutions on this important initiative.”