Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry Makes Carbonfree® Commitment

June 16, 2020

Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry is a pediatric dental clinic in the beautiful mountains of Los Alamos, NM. The dental clinic’s mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience to all patients; invest in the health and education of children in its community; support the personal and professional growth of all team members; and create a healthier planet by minimizing its environmental impact.

As part of this commitment, Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry chose to join the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program, neutralizing over 125,000 pounds of greenhouse gases, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide sequestered by planting about 950 tree seedlings and allowing them to grow for ten years.

“Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry is partnering with to help minimize our environmental impact and create a healthier planet,” says Dr. Bill Nichols, Owner of the clinic.

In addition to making pediatric dentistry fun and comfortable, Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry gives back at least 10% of profits to local nonprofits and is a member of 1% for the Planet.

Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry creates a healthier planet by recycling toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, sharps, gloves, cups, masks, and coffee pods through partnerships with Terracycle. The clinic donates to a local nonprofit, Pajarito Environmental Education Center, that focuses on environmental education and sustainability. The clinic replaced plastic “goody bags” in its office with recyclable, reusable water bottles, so all patients receive their toothbrushes and floss in a reusable water bottle rather than in a disposable plastic bag.  The clinic utilizes an entirely paperless patient management system that allows patients to complete all “paperwork” online.

All of these efforts combined help to make Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry a leader in environmental responsibility, and is pleased to partner in these initiatives.