Loll Designs – Outdoor Furniture for the Modern Eco-Lollygagger

April 04, 2012

It’s springtime – time for sprucing up your outdoor living and lollygagging space with comfortable, stylish and eco-conscious lawn and patio furniture.  Loll Designs is a modern outdoor furniture and accessories manufacturer specializing in the use of recycled materials to make affordable, long-lasting, no-maintenance outdoor furniture. Loll’s contemporary outdoor furniture is perfect for people who want to add a unique and modern aesthetic to their outdoor spaces. Loll Designs feature furniture and accessories in an assortment of styles and colors.

Loll is best known for their modern Adirondack chair, but their furniture line includes chairs, tables, benches, a kid’s line, accessories and containers.  All of their recycled outdoor furniture is designed and manufactured in the USA with a focus on sustainable outdoor furniture manufacturing practices. Unlike most outdoor patio furniture, Loll’s modern furniture requires no seasonal storage or maintenance and all Loll furniture is recyclable.

Loll began as a way to utilize excess material from the construction of TrueRide brand municipal skate parks. An estimated eight recycled milk jugs go into each pound of a Loll Adirondack Chair or about 400 milk jugs per chair. The first Loll Adirondack chairs looked a lot like their skate ramps, with tan colored surfaces that were made from the same materials as the skating ramps. Eventually, Loll migrated to all post-consumer plastics for Loll Designs, due to the durability and color variety.

Loll also believes in promoting environmentally sustainable practices in its own operations.  Starting in 2008, Loll staff has taken a field day each year around Earth Day (frost permitting in MN) to plant a tree for each order received in the preceding year. Loll offsets all annual operational emissions by making a donation to for every package shipped in order to offset the carbon generated during shipping.

So check out the stylish, durable and versatile outdoor furniture at Loll Designs and join the modern lollygaggers lounging in environmentally-responsible style.