Linjer Limited Joins Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership

August 25, 2020

Linjer, an online brand selling well-crafted bags, watches and jewelry without the traditional luxury markup, has joined the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program and is launching Carbonfree® Shipping services, as part of their overall sustainability initiatives.

“As much as we value sustainability as a company, any consumer products business is inherently wasteful and pollutive,” explains Jennifer Chong, Co-founder of Linjer.  “We have partnered with to offset the carbon emissions generated with each shipment we dispatch to our customers. We love that makes it so easy for us to manage our environmental footprint and contribute to high quality carbon offset and reduction projects.”

Linjer seeks to provide an alternative to unsustainable fast fashion products and overpriced luxury goods by making it easier for people to afford beautiful, well-made products that last.  In addition to the carbon emissions reductions achieved via the Carbonfree® Partnership, Linjer now is providing carbon neutral shipments to customers through by calculating monthly shipping emissions then making a donation to neutralize those emissions by supporting’s reforestation projects.  Linjer also focuses on sourcing the most long-lasting and eco-friendly materials for their products and using a high standard of workmanship to ensure that products have the longest life span possible.

“These are our first steps,” Chong confirms.  “We hope to further integrate sustainability into all of our business activities.” welcomes Linjer to the Carbonfree® Partnership Program and applauds its sustainability leadership.