Liz Schwartzer

Co-Director of Camp Quinebarge

Liz loves camp life and Camp Quinebarge. Liz has also served as our registrar, director for two summers, assistant director, waterfront director, counselor and a camper. Liz grew up at Quinebarge, loves Quinebarge and everything it means to young children and just gets camp innately. Most of her family members have been campers and worked at Quinebarge and it is truly in her blood.

Liz is a child development professional living in her home town of Laconia, NH. A graduate of Ithaca College, Liz has an uncanny ability to know every camper’s name by the end of day two of each session and enjoys personally interacting with each child, understanding how they are doing and helping them achieve their goals at camp and make Quinebarge a special experience.

Liz is Co-Director of Camp Quinebarge with Nick Hercules.