Landfillart Turns Trash into Art

May 20, 2009 is an international reclamation project that has involved over 600 artists from 47 countries. The premise is simple: use an old hubcap from the 30’s – 70’s and turn it into a piece of artwork. The project has already exceeded expectations and not only have artists repurposed old hubcaps, but they have been incorporating other recycled items into their designs as well. Landfillart expresses two concerns: the toxicity of our daily footprint and optimism that increasing awareness of our impact on the environment will give us opportunities to improve it, one step at a time.  By partnering with, Landfillart is offsetting the footprint of their gallery to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and inspire others to do the same. Landfillart also hopes to have 20% of its artwork completed by nontraditional artists.  These nontraditional artists are mentally and physically challenged (down syndrome and autistic artists), politically oppressed artists (Cubans), young artists (25 NYC third grade school children) and incarcerated artists. If you are an artist and would like to participate in Landfillart, please visit their application page.