Keeping Kids Happy, Healthy and Green

September 20, 2012

Even the most sustainably-focused business produces some form of carbon emissions in its creation and delivery of products or services.  The affordability and simplicity of the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program has helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes achieve their environmental commitments and carbon neutral operational goals.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes.  When busy working mother and environmental activist Penny Bauder looked around for simple, creative, nature-focused activities for her young family, she found few resources.  So, she created them.

Penny launched Green Kid Crafts in 2010 as a sustainable business focused on providing mail-order crafts kits that were simple and fun for the family, utilized common objects from nature and the household, and taught eco-awareness messages to kids and adults alike.  This year, Startup Nation named Green Kid Crafts as one of the Leading 200 Moms in Business winners.

To augment the sustainability of her business, Penny sought to neutralize all carbon emissions related to her operations, packaging and shipping of the craft kit Discovery Boxes.  Joining the Carbonfree® Business Partnership was the perfect, simple and affordable option.  Green Kid Crafts achieves carbon neutrality by supporting’s renewable energy development projects across the US.

“As the Climate Change Coordinator with the Alaska Center for the Environment, I know too well how important it is to offset carbon emissions,” says Penny.  “I believe that every person, every business has the power to make a difference, which is why Green Kid Crafts chose to become a partner.” and Green Kid Crafts make a great team, bringing nature-focused crafts projects with environmental lessons to kids through a Carbonfree® business model.