JetBlue Flies Green with

March 31, 2011

The following story is reposted from a JetBlue article about the company’s sustainability practices. As part of JetBlue’s Green initiative, we have partnered with since 2008 to help offset our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. JetBlue’s fleet is among the most fuel-efficient in the industry, but air travel still makes an impact on the environment. Eric Carlson, president of stated, ”JetBlue’s Green program is a leading light in the aviation industry, proving that what’s good for the environment is also good for business. In making their employees’ business travel carbon neutral and offering the option to their customers, JetBlue is sending a message to their customers, employees and shareholders that sustainability is a crucial role in the 21st century business model.” To help offset this carbon impact and balance the carbon dioxide emissions, we are proud to support three projects that help offset CO2 emissions in the communities we serve. Through the program, JetBlue supports:

  • The Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge Re-forestation Project in Louisiana, once covered in dense forests, now supports 22% of its original forested acres due to the use of land conversion for agriculture. This project is helping restore the native bottomland forests in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley region of Northeastern Louisiana. Forestry projects are beneficial for the community, as well as the ecosystems they support, and also sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • The Capricorn Ridge Wind Project in Texas began commercial operation in 2007. This project produces enough renewable energy to power approximately 220,000 homes while also employing a staff of 40 and providing an economic stimulus to landowners. The American Wind Energy Association notes that wind energy could provide 20% of the United States’ electricity, and that Texas is currently the largest supplier of wind energy in the United States followed by Iowa, California, Washington and Oregon.
  • The New York State Landfill Methane Project collects waste and destroys landfill methane gas. The destruction of methane is important in the fight against global climate change, because methane is approximately 23% more efficient as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. The serious climate change concerns are that as the frozen tundra of areas such as Siberia and Northern Canada begin to melt, an enormous amount of methane, which was previously trapped in the permafrost, will be released into our atmosphere.

The project also uses an internal combustion engine that uses the landfill gas to produce electricity for export to the national grid. In the past year, JetBlue’s donations to for carbon neutral travel mitigated 40,238 metric tons of CO2 — what does that mean? Well, that is the equivalent of carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity use of 4,883 homes over one year. Remember, when you travel, you can sign up through JetBlue to make your flight carbon neutral. Just enter your departure and arrival city at, and with a few clicks, you’re done.