Jenson USA Joins Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program

October 27, 2021

Jenson USA is a leading online retailer of bicycles, components, parts and accessories. As America’s Bike Shop and with over 25 years of experience, Jenson USA is proud to lead the industry in carbon offsetting initiatives. One of Jenson USA’s six core values is to Be a Sustainable Business, and this includes a component of environmental responsibility.

Founder and CEO, Mike Cachat, comments that “Being a sustainable business is much more than dollars and cents. You have to consider the impacts of your decisions socially and environmentally as well. I am proud of the commitments we have made to neutralizing our carbon footprint with”

In addition to becoming Carbonfree®, Jenson USA has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability with numerous ongoing efforts, most recently including:

  1. Opening a second warehouse on the East Coast to reduce transportation distances and the need for air shipping
  2. Coating the roof with reflective material and insulating all dock doors, to cool the warehouse
  3. Using recyclable foam inside our packaging boxes
  4. Using recycling corrugate
  5. Using tools to efficiently select and minimize the size of our shipping boxes
  6. Providing free shipping for ground shipments and an incentive for lower emission producing delivery transport

“We have a culture of continuous improvement at Jenson USA, and this includes our efforts to reduce the delivery windows to our customers, without compromising our carbon neutral goal,” states Sri Reddi, VP of Operations.

The collective efforts towards sustainability at Jenson USA unifies their employees and their customers. Jenson USA has a long-standing tradition of involving their customer base in community focused projects to preserve and enhance local bike trails. In their mission to inspire people to ride, experience and explore the world on two wheels, Jenson USA recognizes the environmental impacts of doing business and eagerly joins to neutralize their carbon footprint.