Intex Solutions Celebrates Ten Years Carbonfree®

March 14, 2019
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Intex Solutions is a specialized commercial cleaning and maintenance company, focused on a healthier workplace and planet.  Since the company was founded in the 1970’s, Intex Solutions has been a model of environmentally and socially responsible business practices.  A decade ago, they began to offset all the greenhouse gas emissions produced by their operations.  Since then, Intex Solutions has offset 1677 metric tonnes – almost 3.7 million pounds – of greenhouse gas emissions.  That is equivalent to the emissions created by 4.1 million miles of passenger car emissions!

In 2016, the company became a Certified B Corporation because the stringent B Corp  standards and criteria reflected their vision to use business as a force for good.  In 2018, Intex became a legal benefit corporation and deepened the company’s commitment to protect and restore human health and the natural environment while considering all stakeholders and not just profits.

Sustainability is a core focus for Intex Solutions, and it is woven into every aspect of their daily practices.  The company’s policies and procedures are developed with the long-term implications for people, the built environment, and planet as a guiding principal.  Intex’s services help to preserve, protect, and maximize the life of clients’ interior furnishings and finishes.

The company maintains specific commitments to provide care to customers and to the Planet.  In addition to being a carbon neutral commercial cleaning company, Intex maintains the following environmental commitments:

  • Drive low-emission hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Generate solar electricity for corporate office
  • Perform multiple other environmental initiatives including energy efficient roof, HVAC, appliances, and lighting; harvest rainwater, recycle, and xeriscape.
  • Earned U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Award – one of only 9 small businesses nationally to achieve the honor
  • Meet quantifiable B Corp requirements to demonstrate adherence to highest environmental standards commends Intex Solutions for its long-term commitment to environmental responsibility and is proud to partner with Intex in these efforts.