An Innovative and Truly Eco Friendly Battery

March 17, 2011

Looking for an eco friendly, better priced battery that performs as well as the same old brands?  Look no further! We’ve written before about Eco Alkaline batteries – in January they received an “Innovations In Engineering” award at the Consumer Electronics Show.  Here are a few things you should know about them:

  • They contain Zero Lead, Cadmium or Mercury.  They are actually landfill safe (although we recommend that they be recycled whenever possible).
  • Eco Alkalines are the first batteries to be certified CarbonFree® by the rigorous product certification program managed by
  • Eco Alkalines are not rechargeable; they are a disposable alkaline battery.  Rechargeable alkaline batteries cannot be called “eco” because they have at least one or more of the heavy metals found in regular batteries.  Since they can be recharged, their composition is much more toxic than conventional alkaline batteries sold today.  During the lifecycle of a rechargeable battery, a consumer must consider the energy required to recharge the batteries.
  • Eco Alkaline Batteries have a 5 year shelf life and have a patent pending leak-resistant seal on the battery.
  • They are offered at retail prices that are competitive to the other major battery brands – customers are not forced to pay a premium to do the right thing when choosing their portable power source.

Today, environmentally friendly Eco Alkalines batteries are available in US and Canadian supermarkets, department stores, toy and hobby retailers, colleges and university stores, and soon, the Eco Alkalines will be used in the hotel rooms of two major American hotel chains. Click here for a complete list of retailers!