Amtrak provides intercity passenger rail services to more than 500 destinations in 46 states on a 22,000-mile route system. Amtrak recognizes that greenhouse gas reduction is a multi-dimensional concern, and encourages passengers to take practical steps to reduce carbon emissions where possible. For schedules, fares and information, passengers may call 800-USA-RAIL or visit

Environmental Commitment

Amtrak has partnered with, allowing passengers to offset the carbon emissions footprint generated by their individual rail travel by making a contribution to To offset rail travel, passengers can calculate their carbon footprint using the Rail Calculator or simply choose from one of three affordable preset options.

Select an Offset Option

  Cost: $4.50
  Travel offset: 2,500 miles
  CO2 offset: 992 lbs.
  Equivalent to: Two round trips
 from Boston to Washington, DC

  Cost: $10
  Travel offset: 5,500 miles
  CO2 offset: 2,182 lbs.
  Equivalent to: Two round trips
 from Los Angeles to Portland

  Cost: $20
  Travel offset: 11,113 miles
  CO2 offset: 4,409 lbs.
  Equivalent to: Two round trips
 from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles

Calculate Your Footprint