Climate change is among the biggest environmental issues this century. While most agree that we must do something, the challenge can appear to be too great, too complicated for any one of us to make a difference… until now.

Dell is committed to leading our industry on environmental stewardship. Today we’re living in the “Re-Generation,” which includes people of all ages throughout the world who want to make a difference in improving the earth we all share. As part of our zero-carbon initiative, we are partnering with customers to become the greenest technology company on earth.

Environmental Commitment

Dell, in partnership with The Conservation Fund and, has launched the Plant a Tree Program that makes it easy and affordable for individuals, corporations or even entire communities to “go zero” by measuring and then offsetting their carbon emissions associated with the electricity generated to power an extended portfolio of IT products by planting trees.

Dell Product Offset Unit
Cost (USjQuery)
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