IceStone Combines Sustainable Manufacturing and Green Job Creation in Eco-Friendly Countertops and Surfaces

July 22, 2011

Looking for the best in durable, attractive, versatile and sustainably-manufactured surfaces for countertops, desktops or tables?  Check out the award-winning durable surfaces from IceStone, LLC, committed to creating surfaces for homes and commercial space that are healthy, high-design and sustainable. Their products offer classic and contemporary styles with 21st century intelligence. Whether your project calls for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, desktops, or conference tables, IceStone offers cutting-edge design and positive environmental results. IceStone’s manufacturing process mixes 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix, diverting hundreds of tons of glass from landfills each year. And IceStone operates out of a green renovated, day-lit factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, creating green jobs for U.S. workers in an eco-friendly, safe, and respectful environment. IceStone is not an engineered stone product; it is a durable surface made of 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix and contains no toxic ingredients such as resins.  IceStone is proud to be the first and only durable surface in the world to receive the coveted Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certification, which assesses products on a number of criteria, such as the use of safe and healthy materials, design for material reuse and recycling, efficient use of energy and water throughout production, and the instituting of strategies for social responsibility. IceStone products come in a variety of versatile shades, ranging from soft, earth-toned neutrals to rich, saturated colors. The surfaces come with a high polish but can be honed or sandblasted to achieve your desired look and texture. And unlike petrochemical based materials, IceStone surfaces do not fade with UV exposure. IceStone surfaces are 100% recyclable via mechanical grinding and reforming, and they may also be repurposed into tiles, landscaping material and roadbed aggregate. And IceStone’s triple bottom line – a commitment to social, environmental, and financial returns – sets it apart from other organizations. They’re leading a renaissance in US manufacturing and strive to create a collaborative and diverse work force. IceStone has adopted goals for energy conservation, carbon emissions, water use, and waste management, and invested in a water recycling system to capture and reuse all process water from our manufacturing operations. Presently, IceStone is offsetting 100% of their energy use with wind-power renewable energy certificates purchased from Over 90% of their manufacturing and business operations waste is recycled, repurposed or composted. The White House Council on Environmental Quality visited IceStone in mid-June to showcase IceStone as a prime example of how companies can successfully create green jobs in the United States. The Chairperson of the Council, Nancy Sutley, said “It’s great to see what’s going on here at IceStone, the sustainable manufacturing, great to see what’s going on at the [Brooklyn] Navy Yard, the revitalization of this community, the jobs being created here.” Check out the beautiful surfaces and shades of IceStone, and incorporate these sustainable surfaces into your next remodeling or construction project.