Howard Development & Consulting Joins Carbonfree Business Partnership

March 29, 2021

Howard Development & Consulting helps clients create customized and effective WordPress websites. When every pixel matters, creative agencies trust Howard Development & Consulting to deliver handcrafted WordPress solutions.

The firm is intentionally lean, sustainable and committed to conservation in both life and business. Howard Development & Consulting decided to partner with Carbonfund to offset carbon emissions from all business operations.  The firm joined the Carbonfree Business Partnership Program to neutralize its estimated annual operating emissions by supporting Carbonfund’s third-party validated and verified voluntary carbon offset projects.     

“I believe every business owner needs to take action to make all our activities more sustainable – it is essential that we all find a way to be profitable and friendly to the environment,” states Rob Howard, Founder & CEO.  “That means offsetting existing emissions as well as changing our behavior to reduce future emissions – by reducing travel, reducing commutes, and choosing greener infrastructure providers.”