How Do Companies Become Carbon Neutral?

June 18, 2021
factories with lots of smoking coming out of their vents

Modern consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impacts of their shopping habits. As climate change continues to play a larger role in our daily lives, eco-conscious companies are taking initiative to reduce their carbon footprints. So how do companies become carbon neutral in an increasingly environmentally focused world?

Carbonfund offers different options for companies to reduce or offset their carbon footprint. Companies with fewer than 20 employees are encouraged to join Carbonfund’s Carbonfree Small Business Program. This makes it easy and affordable for smaller companies to differentiate their businesses in the minds of environmentally focused consumers. You can choose to support carbon offsetting projects around the world that break down into three basic categories: renewable energy, forestry, and energy efficiency. Carbonfund provides a special Carbonfree logo that can be used to brand your products or business as carbon neutral. They also assist their small business partners with social media posts, blog entries, newsletter articles, and a custom business partner webpage. 

Companies with more than 20 employees can join the Carbonfree Large Business Program. After using Carbonfund’s Business Calculators to compute their carbon emissions, companies can support carbon offsetting projects equal to their emissions to neutralize their carbon impact. Large companies also have access to the Carbonfree logo and publication support that was mentioned previously. Businesses can also take advantage of the Carbonfree Shipping Program dedicated to offsetting product shipping emissions based on the mode of transportation, the number of parcels, the weight of those parcels, and the average distance shipped. There is also a Carbonfree Events Program that makes it easy for hosts or guests of conferences to offset the emissions caused through business travel and venue energy usage to go carbon neutral.

In addition to offsetting your business’ emissions to go carbon neutral, Carbonfund offers the Carbonfree Product Certification program. This is a meaningful, transparent way for a company to provide environmentally-responsible, carbon neutral products to their customers. A product’s carbon footprint is measured and then offset through Carbonfund’s third-party validated carbon reduction projects. The Carbonfree Product Certification program is proud to be a part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program. Joining this program also has the added benefits of custom Carbonfree logos and promotional publishing support.

Committing to become carbon neutral through Carbonfund is an excellent way to show the environmental leadership that today’s consumers demand. Demonstrating strong corporate responsibility is a great method for improving customer loyalty and increasing market share among shoppers who want to go green.