Hot Sandwiches Take Minutes… Warm Up with Soup in Seconds!

February 24, 2011

What better way for a quick, healthy and satisfying midday warm-up than enjoying a miso soup, brought to you by Edward & Sons Trading Company.  The folks at Edward & Sons travel the world to taste and evaluate regional foods, to source the finest ingredients, and to partner with the most reliable farmers, packers and food artisans to create a unique range of natural and organic specialties. They began in 1978 with instant Miso-Cup®, the natural vegetarian soup and seasoning. Featuring simple, wholesome, freeze-dried ingredients in a handy pocket-sized pouch, just add a little hot water to create savory, satisfying soup-in-seconds™ anywhere. Miso-Cup® has nourished people on the go for over three decades, the first of many Edward & Sons’ items exemplifying their motto “Convenience Without Compromise.” Miso-Cup® soups comes in several flavors:

  • Golden Vegetable Miso-Cup® makes a light and flavorful soup garnished simply with onions and parsley;
  • Savory Miso-Cup® with Seaweed offers full-bodied flavor with the mineral rich addition of Wakame Seaweed;
  • Organic Traditional Miso-Cup® with Tofu; and
  • Reduced Sodium Miso-Cup® which features 68% less sodium.

The newest flavor addition, Japanese Restaurant Style Miso-Cup® is made with organic miso and boasts a full bodied flavor that will remind you of your favorite Japanese restaurant.  Whichever Miso-Cup® you choose, you will be enjoying delicious soup in seconds! Stop by the Edward & Sons website and take advantage of their February 20% discount on all Miso-Cup® flavors. Edward & Sons’ Trading Company, Inc. was born out of a commitment to create delicious natural foods featuring convenient preparation in step with busy, health-aware lifestyles.  All of the foods throughout their family of brands contain no ingredients derived from meat, or fowl or fish, and most of their items are suitable for vegans.  Check out the fully array of healthy, environmentally-conscious products available at Edward & Sons Trading Company.