Holidays Eco Tour Vacation Sweepstakes Winner Announced!

February 23, 2017

Last December, ran another fantastic vacation sweepstakes, featuring a once-in-a-lifetime Amazon River Cruise through Delfin Amazon Cruises, all arranged by The Evolved Traveler.  The sweepstakes required only an email address to enter, and participants earned additional entries by making donations to to plant trees.

The $1 per tree donations earned participants five bonus sweepstakes entries, in addition to helping with’s tree-planting initiatives around the world.

We had tremendous participation, thousands of entrants, and planted many trees with our sweepstakes participants!

At the end of the sweepstakes, we notified our lucky Grand Prize Winners, Phil Eck and Leslie Murphy, that they’d won this fabulous eco tour vacation, valued at $10,000!

“When Leslie told me that we won a trip to Peru, I thought she was pulling my leg.  We reached out to Linda at to verify that we were indeed the winners. I’m still in shock,” says Phil.  “We have always discussed going to the Amazon for vacation.  I reached out to Justin at The Evolved Traveler to plan the trip to Peru and see if we could do an extension to Machu Picchu.  Now we are combining two of our dream vacations into one trip, the Amazon and Machu Picchu.  Thank you to the team at and to The Evolved Traveler for sponsoring the sweepstakes and trip to the Amazon.” 

“We donate regularly to charities that support the environment.  It is always a difficult choice to choose the “right” charity.  Our decision to donate to the was an easy one when we realized the great things that does (reducing our carbon footprint and ultimately reversing climate change) and that they received a perfect score from Charity Navigator for its Financial Health and Accountability and Transparency.  It’s nice to know that your donations are being spent efficiently and are changing the world.”  

What an amazing experience has given us!  We can’t wait to take our trip to the Peruvian Amazon.  Thank you!”

Phil and Leslie are heading to Peru later this spring, and we’ll post an article about their fabulous experience when they return!  And of course, will be purchasing and retiring carbon offsets to neutralize the carbon emissions associated with Phil and Leslie’s eco tour vacation.

Watch this space to enter our Earth Day ’17 Vacation Sweepstakes to Costa Rica,

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