Holidays 2017 Tree-Planting Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner Announced

January 19, 2018

This past holidays season, Foundation offered a holidays tree-planting sweepstakes featuring the possibility of giving away a Tesla Model X as the Grand Prize.

The sweepstakes featured the ability for tree-planting donors to win sweepstakes entries for each of their $1/tree donations, and to earn multiple entries for donations of $25 (35 entries), $50 (75 entries) and $100 (200 entries) each.  One free entry was possible by mailing in a postcard to’s headquarters.

The sweepstakes official rules required that we reach at least $150,000 in tree-planting donations in order for the additional sponsorship to kick in and enable the Tesla Model X to be given as the Grand Prize, while still enabling to plant the required number of tree seedlings corresponding to the total tree-planting donations.

While we received thousands of dollars in tree-planting donations, which we so appreciate – thank you! – and over a thousand of the free sweepstakes entries by mailing in a postcard (with no accompanying tree-planting donations), we fell short of the required $150,000 in tree-planting donations, as set forth in the Sweepstakes Official Rules.

As a result, the Grand Prize became the receipt of one half of the total dollars in tree-planting donations received via the sweepstakes’ donations page during the sweepstakes time frame.

The Grand Prize Winner, selected by random drawing of all the entries received, both via tree-planting multiple donations and mailed-in postcards, is George R of Florida — Congratulations to George!

We’re very pleased that so many folks learned about our Tesla Sweepstakes and wanted to participate, but we’ll also point out that if each entrant – both donors and mail-in entrants – had made at least a $100 tree-planting donation, we’d be giving away a Tesla – maybe to you!

Tree-planting donations to Foundation support very large, formal, well-managed tree-planting projects all over the world.  These projects achieve many benefits that are vitally important to humankind and the global environment as trees provide a wide range of ecosystem services including their ability to:

  • Produce oxygen – without which life would not be possible;
  • Absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, to mitigate climate change;
  • Improve local air and water quality by filtering pollutants;
  • Restore biodiversity while providing habitat and nutrition for wildlife;
  • Control flooding by minimizing runoff and topsoil loss;
  • Protect against storms such as Southeast Asia’s monsoons and hurricanes in the Caribbean;
  • Help regulate water and nutrient cycles (e.g., phosphorous and nitrogen);
  • Create jobs managing tree nurseries, planting and care;
  • Provide aesthetic, spiritual and cultural benefits to local communities.

As always, we appreciate the support of our donors and their commitment to supporting and improving our environment through support to our tree-planting campaigns and carbon offset projects.  We wish everyone a healthy, happy, prosperous and more Carbonfree® world in 2018!