Help Your Kids Manage Summer Allowance with ThreeJars

June 08, 2011

It’s summertime – kids are out of school and….restless! They’re bored, they’re begging for things to do, they want to go see their friends, go to the corner store, go to the movies, go to the mall… So how can a family come together to beat the summer boredom blues and turn summertime into productive time for everyone? Help your kids learn the value of saving their allowance, and help them learn valuable life lessons about working, saving, spending and giving through ThreeJars. ThreeJars makes managing allowance fun and easy for 5 to 13 year old kids and their parents. Kids learn to manage their “money” through saving, spending, and charitable giving jars – with guidance from Mom and Dad. With ThreeJars, you can relax knowing that all your kids’ allowance is in one spot, with automated payment, tracking, and access through our safe, secure, IOU system. Sign-up is quick and easy, and you can assign chores, projects, and more with just a few clicks. Rather than cash, parents pay allowance with IOUs, representing real money. At sign-up, you will set amount, payday, and decide how allowance IOUs will be divvyed-up between your child’s SAVE, SPEND and SHARE Jars. The ThreeJars system is a parent’s best tool to teach their child how to responsibly manage money. Kids learn important money-management life skills.  Your child will save a portion of every IOU dollar earned, until it becomes habit. That’s important for keeping spending and borrowing under control later. The system encourages kids to be thoughtful about spending, and teaches them to set goals, budget, and learn from money mistakes.  Kids may request to use their SHARE Jar IOU money to make a donation to a charitable cause they learned about on ThreeJars or to withdraw cash for charity off the site.  One of the charitable causes that ThreeJars supports is  Kids can make donations to support our energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation projects.  In addition to earning allowance, your child may also earn extra IOU bucks by requesting (or you suggesting) one-time projects around the house. If your family links allowance to chores, you can dock allowance payment for incomplete chores via the ThreeJars website. Progress reports are emailed weekly. Choose from chores on the site or personalize your own.  And parents can deposit money from grandma, birthday gifts or eyen babysitting through the ThreeJars account. ThreeJars was recently featured in an online video on Yahoo! Finance.  Check it out for some inspiration on how you and your kids can make allowance, household chores, saving, giving, and money management fun!   Keeping track of the family’s finances has never been easier. Check out ThreeJars to help your kids learn how to manage their allowance, their chores and their charitable giving, all in one convenient and organized spot.