Gujarat Wind Projects

September 20, 2011


Location: Gujarat, India
Project type: Wind Energy
Standard: Chicago Climate Exchange
Verification/Validation: Agri-Waste Technologies

Environmental Benefits


  • Mitigates climate change
  • Limits impact of energy production on local environment
  • No localized water or air pollution


Community Benefits


  • Locally sourced, renewable energy
  • Development of new technologies and additional jobs created
  • Additional revenue for communities
  • Knowledge transfer


Project Description

The Aggregated Wind Projects of Gujarat have made it possible for 52 owners to combine their 65 wind turbines into a single project. Each of the turbines has a capacity between 0.35 megawatts and 1.5 megawatts and collectively, they produce 59 megawatts of renewable electricity. Since 2005, the project has contributed to the mitigation of nearly 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

In addition to providing renewable electricity, supports the Aggregated Wind Projects of Gujarat because they support local communities and is a leading example of how small-scale wind projects can obtain carbon finance. Furthermore, this Project has assisted in the transfer of knowledge throughout Gujarat communities and the Project has also provided employment opportunities.