GreenQuest Provides One-Stop Site for Building Energy Info

November 01, 2010 Partner GreenEcoSavers has now added GreenQuest, a free personal energy information website that combines information on energy spending, weather data, greenhouse gas emissions and energy use for your building. Developed in conjunction with EnergyCAP, their GreenQuest tool also calculates a home or facility’s carbon footprint (remember to offset with what you can’t reduce). GreenQuest from GreenEcoSavers is providing tracking up to 3 meters (electricity, water and gas) for free with the help of green sponsors. By using the GreenQuest energy information website, homes and businesses can benefit by setting goals and benchmarks.  Depending on your home or business location, GreenQuest will tell you how your energy usage compares with your friends and neighbors and help you get on the right track to saving money and energy.  You can easily aggregate all of your energy usage data and as an option, obtain an ENERGY STAR building rating (for commercial buildings). You can also share your results on a public, read-only website to showcase your energy conservation efforts. I signed up my downtown DC condo this afternoon–it just takes a few minutes once you have your utility bills.  I can see how my energy usage changes over time and how it interacts with the weather.  I’m excited to add my first energy savings project (which can run the gamut from changing your lightbulbs to adding solar panels) and see how fast I earn my investment back!