Green Tips for Earth Week – Green Your Lunch

April 19, 2011

You could easily be spending $2,000 a year on sandwiches and salads if you buy your lunch every day. Would you ever consciously write that into your annual budget? It’s remarkable how often doing it the “green way” saves you some green, too. Between the plastic tableware, napkins, condiment packets and clamshell containers, a takeout lunch often contains more trash than food. Reusable containers and recyclable aluminum wrap beat Styrofoam boxes any day – just be sure to steer clear of garbage trap of brown bags and plastic wraps. I love this Brown Bag Brigade (cute name, minus the brown bag of course) for lunch-packing tips, including ideas like DIY bento box or a “Cubanesque” sandwich of turkey, ham and Swiss on pressed French bread. Being the lazy environmentalist I am, I’m partial to the list of lunches en masse, like making a big batch of homemade chicken nuggets and eating them throughout the week. Feeling empowered? Bring waste-free lunches to your kids schools, too. Learn how this California school reduced their waste by 35% with a few goal sheets and parent outreach.