Green Investing from the Perspective of a Young Social Investor

August 19, 2010

Living in the twenty-first century demands that all of us take a proactive role in shaping our financial future. One of the ways in which many Americans build wealth and meet their financial goals is through investing in the stock market. With the plethora of investing options to choose from, many of us wonder which investment tools and vehicles suit our economic needs but also reflect our personal value system. I spent a considerable amount of time asking myself the following question: What are my core values and how do I align them with my investing goals? After contemplating for a long period of time, I realized that I wanted to invest in revolutionary, cutting-edge ideas that had the power to change and enhance the quality of life for society. I grew up in a household that emphasized energy conservation and limited dependency on technology. Therefore I needed my financial goals to reflect my environmentally-conscious values. Through research, I discovered a variety of companies that develop sophisticated technology that would address our energy needs and combat climate change. One of the companies that I chose to focus on was Global Green Solutions. Global Green Solutions specializes in developing and implementing eco-friendly energy technology that takes biomass waste and converts it into renewable energy. Currently, Global Green Solutions main project, Green Stream Technology, will use farm animal manure, energy crops, and forest waste to produce industrial steam and electrical power. If implemented, Green Steam Technology will result in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, decrease in fuel costs, increased access to electrical power, and the proper handling and removal of biomass waste material. The company plans to license its technology to various partners once the Green Steam Technology project reaches the implementation stage and is ready to be introduced to the market. As of July 19, 2010, Global Green Solutions finished its demonstration unit at Aera Energy in California. The completion of the demonstration unit serves as an important milestone in the development of the ground-breaking project. My decision to become a social investor by investing in Global Green Solutions stemmed from my belief in the importance of preserving our world. Investing in Green Technology has allowed me to take an active stance in creating financial security while supporting companies that demonstrate social and environmental awareness. As we move ahead in the twenty-first century, our global community continues to create technologically advanced solutions that create comfort and efficiency in our lives. We need energy solutions that will allow us to live in balance with the earth while sustaining our growing quality of life. Companies such as Global Green Solutions reflect the growing demand for environmentally-friendly industrial technology. Even though investing in new endeavors means taking on considerable risk, investing in ideas that hold the power to serve the common good and produce economic gain and success for others will benefit society in the long-term.