Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure, similar to natural infrastructure or blue-green infrastructure, is a particular type of ecosystem service provided by nature.  Green infrastructure is defined by section 502 of the US Clean Water Act as “the range of measures that use plant or soil systems, permeable pavement or other permeable surfaces or substrates, stormwater harvest and reuse, or landscaping to store, infiltrate, or evapotranspirate stormwater and reduce flows to sewer systems or to surface waters.”

Thus, trees naturally store water, while trees and soil can naturally filter out pollutants and sediments from water.  Similarly, salt marshes can help reduce coastal flooding by storing water, while coral reefs and mangroves can help mitigate the strength of storms and their ensuing waves. Foundation has supported a range of agriculture and forestry projects that promote green infrastructure.  This support includes numerous tree planting projects throughout the United States, along with in Cameroon, China, Haiti, India, Mexico, Nepal and Peru.  Furthermore, Foundation has supported forest carbon projects such as reforestation projects in Nicaragua and Panama, along with our four signature rainforest conservation projects in Acre, Brazil.

As explained by American Rivers, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, green infrastructure is:

“an approach to water management that protects, restores, or mimics the natural water cycle. {It} is effective, economical, and enhances community safety and quality of life.

It means planting trees and restoring wetlands, rather than building a costly new water treatment plant. It means choosing water efficiency instead of building a new water supply dam. It means restoring floodplains instead of building taller levees.

Green infrastructure incorporates both the natural environment and engineered systems to provide clean water, conserve ecosystem values and functions, and provide a wide array of benefits to people and wildlife.”

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