As Green As It Gets: 100% Recycled and CarbonFree Packaged CDs and DVDs

August 24, 2011

Sunlyte LLC (Kennebunkport, Maine) is proud to join forces with EDC (Langenhagen, Germany) and shorewood.blueprint (Middlesex, UK) to form the Sunlyte Alliance. The Sunlyte Alliance sets the benchmark for Sustainablity in Media. The Sunlyte Alliance offers the Media and Entertainment Industry Certified CarbonFree® CD and DVD packaged discs made from 100% recycled materials including: polycarbonate discs, paperboardjackets and recycled PET Sunlyte trays. The Sunlyte Alliance achieves drastic carbon footprint reduction through design and proprietary manufacturing processes. The Sunlyte Alliance further reduces a package’s environmental footprint through efficient shipping, distribution, and retailing. Sunlyte Alliance Packaged Discs are simply as green as it gets:

  • 100% recycled
  • Ultra low carbon footprint
  • Remaining footprint, including shipping, offset to zero through carbon offsets
  • Certified CarbonFree®

EDC provides discs made of 100% recycled carbonate derived from old and surplus discs and recycled using a proprietary process that removes all metal, lacquers and inks, then grinds, filters and re-extrudes the waste material into an optically pure disc. Shorewood.blueprint contributes a printed outer digi to house the Sunlyte Tray, made from 100% recycled paperboard using the most environmentally responsible vegetable based inks and coatings. This production process is overseen by FSC certification and ISO 9001 and 1264-7 standards. Sunlyte LLC supplies the lightweight Sunlyte Tray, made from 100% recycled plastic beverage bottles, and manages carbon accounting and CarbonFree® Product Certification. “From design to distribution to disposal, Sunlyte Alliance accounts for the carbon costs associated with the manufacturing of CD and DVD discs, all printed materials and packaging, even the shrink wrap, and shipping to distribution,” said Paul Gelardi, Sunlyte LLC CEO and Founder. “We have performed the most extensive carbon footprint analysis of media packaging to validate our CarbonFree certification.” A full lifecycle analysis to determine the carbon footprint of Sunlyte Alliance packaged discs (including the materials and manufacturing of discs, all packaging and printed material, all transportation through to distribution, and end-of-life) has been calculated by an independent consultant and the methodology was reviewed by two leading carbon management organizations. High standard, third-party validated carbon offsets are then purchased to neutralize the full “cradle to grave” lifecycle footprint. Though the analysis, reductions, and offsets, Sunlyte packaged discs have achieved certification from as CarbonFree®. Sunlyte Alliance packaged discs reduce material costs, energy costs and waste. For example, a packaged Sunlyte Certified CD weighs 49% less than a standard CD package, resulting in significant shipping and carbon footprint savings. “The carbon footprint of a product is in large part a measure of waste, and waste is not only bad for the environment, it’s bad for business,” said Paul Gelardi, Sunlyte Packaging’s CEO and Founder. “Through a continuing effort to reduce the essential carbon footprint of packaged discs coupled with carbon offsets, we hope to prove that what’s good for the environment is good for business and help the Home Entertainment and Optical Publishing Industry become the first CarbonFree® Industry. ” Sunlyte Certified packaged discs adhere to sustainability guidelines of Wal-Mart, the Recording Association of America and the National Association of Recording Merchandisers. Sunlyte Alliance Certified CarbonFree®discs and multi-media packaging are available directly from EDC, shorewood.blueprint and Sunlyte LLC.