Green Design Gallery Expands Green Principles by Joining Carbonfree® Business Partnership

October 05, 2016

Green Design Gallery™ is an exclusive global brand and e-Marketplace dedicated to high-end contemporary + sustainable design furniture and home products from independent designers, from all over the world.  The team at GDG is made of passionate individuals who live by green principles, acting as custodians of the planet and dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, practicing responsible consumption, and approaching personal purchasing habits with a long view of how decisions impact the planet.

As part of this company-wide commitment to practice what they preach and pursue carbon emissions reduction goals, Green Design Gallery recently joined the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program, mitigating the environmental impact of 39 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from business operations and product shipments through support of’s global forest conservation projects.

“Green Design Gallery is creating a new vision of a sustainable home – a vision that seeks new ways to promote and make available fresh, exciting, eco-friendly furniture and home accents, internationally,” explains Soraya Zarate, GDG’s Founder & CEO.  “By creating strong partnerships with sustainability driven industry leaders such as and by endorsing continuous sustainable product innovation from our suppliers – consequently leaving as little production carbon footprint as possible – we make sure that all the products showcased in the Green Design Gallery e-Boutique contribute to a safer, healthier, better looking, and more sustainable world.”

In addition, Green Design Gallery’s offices live by a strict 4RV-E rule (Reduction at source, Reuse of a product, Recovery, Recycling and Valorization of residual material, and as a last resort the Elimination).  GDG also strives to optimize its company logistics by working on a made-to-order basis, and just-in-time production mode. The firm gives more than 1% of its annual profits to environmental organizations working to improve the 3 sectors of its Green Design Gallery’s Sustainability & Innovation 2020 Goals: People, Places and Practices.  Each member of the GDG team receives five hours per month of paid time away from the office to volunteer for environmental projects.  Through its mission, its multiple green industry partnerships and these commitments, the purpose driven Green Design Gallery is taking the sustainable furniture niche by storm, one style-conscious home at a time.