GoodLight and Carbonfund Celebrate 11th Partnership Anniversary

May 12, 2022

GoodLight Natural Candles offers the lowest-priced paraffin-free candles on the market. GoodLight’s full line of unscented tea lights, votives, tapers, and pillars are made only with 100% palm wax and pure cotton wicks, contain no additives whatsoever, and burn clean, emitting no soot or toxins. GoodLight’s scented candles are made with the exact same ingredients as their unscented line, but infused with blends of pure essential and botanical oils, all of which are purely plant-based. GoodLight is celebrating their 11th year of partnership with Carbonfund. They have offset the emissions from their offices, business-related travel, and all shipping involved in getting their candles across the ocean and then shipping them to their customers. In 2020 alone they offset about 100 metric tonnes of carbon emissions. During Earth Month in April of 2022, GoodLight planted over 500 trees in Kenya and Madagascar through Over the last decade GoodLight has offset 1,134 metric tonnes of carbon emissions. This is equivalent to removing 2,814,821 miles driven by gasoline-powered vehicles or 18,751 tree seedlings successfully planted and grown for 10 years.

David Callicott, Co-founder and Managing Partner, said “There are steps, small and large, that we can take every day to help lessen our impact on Mother Earth. For us, partnering with Carbonfund and contributing to their reforestation and avoided deforestation projects are big steps that we are truly excited about. Big thanks to the people of Carbonfund for creating these opportunities for us all to offset our emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.”

GoodLight feels it their duty to help protect our planet and its inhabitants. In addition to the Carbonfund projects GoodLight has contributed to, the Colorado-based company partners with several other social and environmental non-profits, including the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the Orangutan Land Trust, Wild Asia, Protect Our Breasts, and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. And in an effort to provide zero-waste products, all of GoodLight’s packaging is plastic-free, recycled and/or recyclable, and printed with soy-based inks.

Since 2013, GoodLight has partnered with the wildlife & environmental non-profit Orangutan Land Trust. As members of 1% for the Planet, GoodLight donates 1% of annual sales to the OLT, which works with other grassroots organizations (such as the Borneo Nature Foundation) to help preserve and protect Southeast Asian rainforests, and the communities and animals that call these forests home.

GoodLight’s funding of the Orangutan Land Trust and their local partners has helped:

  • combat illegal palm oil farming operations in the Leuser Ecosystem
  • rescue and rehabilitate endangered orangutans, for post-rehab release into protected wild sanctuaries
  • restore Southeast Asian peatlands by damming illegal drainage canals
  • organize, train, and supply local firefighting forces led by the Borneo Nature Foundation to protect Sebangu National Park in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • outreach to rural communities with programs designed to educate locals on the intrinsic value of their native forests and their wildlife, and to develop economic opportunities linked to avoided deforestation
  • help shape national and local policies governing sustainable palm oil agriculture

For the past several years, GoodLight has had the privilege of partnering with the non-profit Wild Asia, a social enterprise working on the ground in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia to promote sustainable palm oil production among small producers. GoodLight teams up with Wild Asia’s smallholders (farmers who have less than 50 hectares) to book and claim enough certified sustainable palm oil to meet GoodLight’s annual candle production needs.

Wild Asia helps these farmers by delivering on-the-ground support for the implementation of localized methods and approaches that can lower the cost of production, increasing the number/variety of economic crops cultivated, as well as helping small producers in meeting certification requirements for RSPO Sustainability. This ensures that the small producers’ plots of land can be sustainably managed. Currently, GoodLight is teaming with Wild Asia on a pilot project to transition these small farms into a permaculture-based system using only farm-generated compost as fertilizer.

40% of the world’s palm oil is grown by small producers who depend on the crop for their livelihood and income. Supporting these small farmers on the path towards sustainability provides assurance to buyers and consumers of a deforestation-free supply chain, while having a tangible impact on people’s lives. It is the hope of GoodLight and Wild Asia that this becomes the industry standard.