Good Corporate Citizens: MWW Group – Corporate Responsibility Report

May 03, 2012

A corporate responsibility report means that a company is taking responsibility for its actions. More and more we see that corporate responsibility and corporate sustainability are becoming synonymous with each other. And it makes sense – responsibility, sustainability, and accountability are all good business practices and all illustrate a company’s commitment to both the community and planet. To communicate these commitments, businesses often engage in reporting practices highlighting the steps they are taking in corporate responsibility. Sometimes referred to as a Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) or a Corporate Responsibility Report (CRR), these corporate communication tools have become essential to alerting stakeholders of the recent goals met as well as some of the objectives for the future. In fact, 2011 KPMG International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting finds that 95% of the 250 largest companies in the world now report on their corporate responsibility (CR) activities. partner, MWW Group, takes CR a step further and seeks to be “good corporate citizens” communicating that companies have an obligation to look beyond the walls of their business and into the community and world in which they operate. Earth Day 2012 marked the official release of MWW Group’s 4th Annual Corporate Citizenship Report that highlights the three core areas of their corporate responsibility initiatives which include, working with nonprofits and organizations for the greater good; working with clients to enhance their corporate responsibility and sustainable practices; and a commitment to continuously improve their CSR efforts. This approach allows them to highlight their philanthropy support, their environmental work, and their commitment to leading by example.

“Our 2012 CCR report is an overview of the good work being done by our firm, our employees, and our clients in the communities we serve,” said Michael Kempner, president and CEO at MWW Group. “It is a representation of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.  The report demonstrates that we believe our ‘Matter More’ philosophy makes us not only a more responsible business, but a better business, and that we’re guided by a holistic strategy that not only helps us reach our CSR goals but attain our business objectives, as well.”

To read more about MWW’s approach please visit their CCR Landing Page.