Gondwana Ecotours Offsets Tour Flight Emissions Over Past Five Years

March 05, 2019

Gondwana Ecotours is committed to sustainable travel in a unique, exciting and responsible fashion, maintaining an environmental and cultural focus while providing the vacation of a lifetime.  Tour the Amazon Rainforest with indigenous guides, encounter some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the wild and contribute to their preservation, safari in Tanzania and visit with the Maasai people, watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky without the crowds, and hike with grizzlies in Alaska.  And be assured that all tours are conducted with a commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable travel practices.

The team at Gondwana Ecotours recognizes that travel has substantial impacts on the environment, the ecosystems that they visit, as well as the local communities, economies and development. Gondwana Ecotours also assumes a role in understanding those impacts and seeking always to improve understanding and minimize negative environmental impact.

As part of this commitment, Gondwana Ecotours has assessed the carbon emissions associated with flights to tour destinations, then offset that negative environmental impact by supporting forestry-based carbon offset projects through  Over the past five years, Gondwana Ecotours has neutralized 432.4 metric tonnes – or over 950,000 pounds – of greenhouse gas emissions.  Those neutralized emissions equate to the same quantity of carbon dioxide absorbed by 7150 trees planted and allowed to grow and mature for ten years.

“We’ve enjoyed our collaboration with the team at to help reduce the carbon footprint of our tours,” says Jared Sternberg of Gondwana Ecotours.  “We look forward to continuing to support reforestation initiatives as well as offsetting emissions.”

In addition to tour flight emissions offsets, Gondwana Ecotours’ team ensures that all of the goods, products and services used along the way are “reduced, reused and recycled” wherever possible.  Stewardship and responsibility are especially important when visiting sensitive ecosystems as their tours often do, and the objective is to preserve all of the sites for the enjoyment and enrichment of future generations. To do that, Gondwana Ecotours include opportunities to engage in conservation through educational opportunities, trip activities, and positive environmental actions as a group, seeking ways to give back to the tour destinations enjoyed through support for local causes.

Gondwana was part of the Pangea supercontinent, when all the continents were together and the world was one. Gondwana Ecotours aims to bring people from different continents closer together one trip at a time, while leading tours in the most environmentally-conscious way possible. is pleased to support Gondwana Ecotours in these efforts.