GoJoe Patrol Believes in Doing One Thing – Well

December 23, 2011

GoJoe Patrol

Live in the Spokane Washington/Coeur d’Alene Idaho area and in need of someone to check up on your business, home or personal property?

You may want to talk to Joe.

GoJoe Patrol provides clients with only one thing–The highest quality mobile security patrolling. It’s all they do and they do it very well.

GoJoe Patrolmen visit and check on your property on a set schedule or at irregular intervals, especially at night, on weekends and holidays. The main service GoJoe Patrol provides is deterrence to theft and vandalism of your property. Their goal is to dissuade perpetrators from even thinking about messing with your property.

An experienced team of dispatchers, utilizing a high-tech, GPS-guided tracking system, controls GoJoe Patrol activities. This system gives GoJoe Patrolmen and their clients access to reports that confirm the premises have been checked, along with the status of each occurrence.  GPS Insight enables Joe to monitor and dispatch patrol vehicles via a web-based system, using satellite-tracked locators and 3D Google Maps identifiers, 24/7. This mobile patrol technology makes GoJoe Patrol, better, faster and more in control of keeping eyes on the security of your property. GPS Insight gives you better response time, more accurate billing, and reduces our carbon footprint… all great things that only Joe offers you.

GoJoe Patrol

And the unique look of GoJoe patrol vehicles sends a message. It doesn’t take long for criminals or misfits to learn that when “Joe will be watching”, there’s someplace better for them to be.

Beyond keeping your property safe and secure, Joe is interested in making sure that their vehicle emissions don’t contribute to air quality issues or climate change. GoJoe Patrol’s fleet consists of 2011 Chevy Camaros. The performance of these vehicles helps everyone (except criminals) breathe easier. To offset any hit to the environment, Joe has committed the company to reducing their carbon footprint through partnership with, using their carbon credits to assist energy efficiency projects, the reduction of industrial pollutants, the destruction of landfill methane, and the promotion of renewable energy projects.

Life isn’t always fair. But Joe will do everything he can to balance the security scales in your favor.