GoECOlife™ Renews CarbonFree® Certification to Offset Product Emissions

September 14, 2012

Office supplies products distributor GoECOlife™ has renewed its commitment to carbon neutral products for a third year in a row. GoECOLife™ – Live Responsibly.

Rancho Dominguez, CA and Bethesda MD., August 23, 2012– Foundation and NSF International are proud to announce that GoECOlife™ has certified over 35 products as carbon neutral though the CarbonFree® Product Certification Program. GoECOlife is, “committed to delivering the best-in-class product to you. Being environmentally responsible does not mean one must sacrifice performance, style or innovation.”

To earn the CarbonFree® Product Certification, these products underwent a rigorous product life-cycle assessment, performed by WSP Group, to determine the per unit carbon footprint. In addition to using energy-saving technology, GoECOlife™ reduced the remaining carbon footprint through support of’s third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. But true to their commitment, GoECOlife has not sacrificed performance, style, or innovation.

For example, the GoECOlife™ Platinum Series™ Paper Shredder (GXC120Ti) which carries the CarbonFree® label was one of four shredders “RECOMMENDED” by Consumer Reports in their 2011 paper shredder review. 19 paper shredders from various brands were tested for speed, capacity and convenience. The GoECOlife™ GXC120Ti rated well in all categories. This means that consumers can feel confident that they are purchasing a quality product that works well for the consumer and the earth.

“GoECOLife has shown that what’s good for the environment is also good business. These innovative office products are providing vital business needs while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and helping solve global climate change. We are thrilled to continue this critical business partnership and applaud GoECOLife for their leadership and commitment to the environment,” says Eric Carlson, President of Foundation.

The CarbonFree® label that and NSF International jointly offer helps companies distinguish their products and enhance their brand. This gives consumers a tangible, easy to understand choice that they can make to decrease their environmental impact in their purchase decisions. GoECOlife™ CarbonFree products wonderfully illustrates this.

GoECOlife™ products are available at office retailers around the world or by visiting:

About CarbonFree Certification Foundation and NSF Sustainability, a division of NSF International, manage the CarbonFree Product Certification Program, the first carbon neutral product label in North America, and the over 100 certified products from leading companies in multiple industries. CarbonFree certified products are sold in fifteen countries.

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