Go Green Rally Starts its Engines Today with Partner Driver Telematics

March 10, 2011

From coast to coast, north to south, drivers across the nation are revving their engines for the inaugural Go Green Auto Rally… and then quickly stopping when they learn that revving is a waste of gas and isn’t helping improving emissions or air quality. That’s what the Go Green Auto Rally is all about – proving a comprehensive, fun and easy way for everyone to adopt green driving principles. You think revving your engine is fun? How about oogling a dozen shiny new green cars, entering and winning prizes, and playing with the coolest new technology like a gadget that tracks your driving style and pinpoints exactly how you can save gas? The Go Green Auto Rally kicks off today, Marth 10th, in Miami and before it’s done will hit Long Beach and San Francisco in Cali., plus  Baltimore, DC, Charlotte and Indianapolis for the Indy 500. partner Driver Telematics is excited to be a part of this public event that teaches driving techniques that can reduce your car’s carbon footprint and fuel consumption while increasing behind-the-wheel safety. And the Go Green Auto Rally is certainly gaining traction too! The Rally has been nominated to receive the prestigious 2011 Edison Best New Product Award™ in recognition of its contributions to sustainability and its innovation in the area of education.  For more information: Driver Telematics provides detailed information about the performance and movements of drivers and vehicles via a secure web-hosted system “WorldVIEW.”  This system can track driver behavior in “real time,” which focuses driving behaviors that can be both unsafe and excessively burn fuel (such as speeding, hard braking, harsh acceleration, excessive idle). For fleets or personal use, Driver Telematics provides driver safety and training solutions to embrace a culture of safety, standards and sustainability.  For more information: After reducing the environmental impact by learning better driving skills through these technologies and events, can help individuals and fleets make it possible to be carbon neutral after their reductions. The funds that receives from this mitigation supports important projects like Truck Stop Electrification, which is designed to reduce diesel emissions and save trucking companies the cost of fuel that would be used while idling. For more information: